Sunday, August 2, 2009

American Cancer Society

Hi everybody!
I have some ACS info to pass along!!
First of all, Jenn and I would like to thank all the wonderful people giving donations and also team gifts, those people whose names don't show up on our main page... The team gift total is $363.00- to the best of my knowledge, these are from sales in etsy shops. Our "total" total is $1,288.00 in just 2 weeks. That just 'FREAKIN' blows my mind! Aren't you just the best people in the whole world??!!! I want to thank everyone listed as part of the team, those on the MAIN PAGE , and also these people that are making donations that you can't see: Amy Barta - thepeachtree, Jill Fine - GlazedOver, - Melissa Fitzgerald - Melfitz, Monica Grover - MoonoverMaize, Ginny Huber - ginnyhuber, Kelly Jacobs -sweetnessjewelry, Kristin Love - loveartworks, Lynn Lunger - Unnaodd, Margaret McNatt ...this is Peggy - theBeadAerie, Janell Mooney - DancingMooney, Alayna Orozco - PianoBenchDesigns, Kanokwalee Pusitanun - kanokwalee, and Aija Sevele - AmaliaVersaci.
I know this list will grow as some people have told me they are waiting to make a lump donation - so we'll keep you updated!
Also, I spoke with a woman from ACS and told her that the site was confusing, that some people would prefer to pay via paypal, and that we'd like to see all people listed. Don't know where I'll get with that.......
BUT - this is our contact person. If you have any concerns or problems with anything concerning our team. You will call toll free 1-800-227-2345 and they will direct you. Ask for Tammy Heilman. Our team is called etsyprojectembrace. .... log in is etsyembrace. Her direct number - but it would be a toll call is: 1-717-533-6144.
If you intend to make a donation and have $25 from sales, you can just join the team first with that amount, or wait til you have $25..... That's a thought. It is not necessary to join the team, but the team donations ( which can be any amount), only show up as a lump sum with no names.
Any questions on the team, convo me or Jenn! or You can also contact Kim at , or Amy at, for questions on etsyprojectembrace.
Big hugs and kisses to you all! laura


  1. oh, and now were are $1,313.00!!!! I have just had a few sales myself, so i'll be adding to the donations.... Thanks for FP's, monarchdancer, oneclaybead, and Sigmosiacs! Really appreciate the EPE movement in the treasurys and everybody seems to be having fun doing it :D laura

  2. you are the BEST! I love what this team does and I love you toots! Rock on Team and rock on toots.. you have a big day tomorrow... drink lots of water (crystal light tea with lemon helped me with the metallic taste in my mouth after chemo) and eat good starchy foods to settle your stomach. I am here for you if you need anything. xoxo~ ames