Thursday, March 18, 2010

online publication

Hey there.
Liz Martin wrote an article about me in the online publication called Moms2Moms

She did a great job......thanks Liz! (I think she's a new Etsy follower, too!)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The FREAK SHOW called, they want their stomach back.............

Ok..............sorry if you have a weak stomach! I waited a week to take this picture :D
I have to say that I had ALOT of surgery, but i'm doing much better than i expected to do. I even worked for a few hours Ochman's today (the jewelry store that i help out part time).
So, my surgery was expected to be be about 2 hours - but was 3 1/2. When Bartt saw them wheel me out and the Dr. told him that they should probably keep me overnight....... he said - "good, i'm not taking her home looking like that!" Well, in surgeries like this, they get you on the table, then tilt it so you are sort of upside down - all the blood rushing to your head. So, .......swollen face and no eyebrows - makes for a strange looking girl. I don't remember that much except in recovery, i was congested and was afraid if i slept, I'd stop breathing all together, and i made sure i kept telling the nurses that.......... LOL. Then they gave me oxygen and nose spray, then my nose was just itchy. I don't remember much after getting in my room, except i remember Bartt saying "oh, thank god, you are looking much better". Bartt has been taking great care of me.
The Dr. Albuhday took out my ports, then went exploring. He removed the scar tissue on my intestines, which was kinked. He took a bunch of samples from all over and really took his time, as usual. I had my follow up yesterday and all the samples came back CANCER FREE! So, not that i'm surprised.......... :D I hopefully will be able to have a normal diet again in a few weeks when all the swelling in down - we'll have to wait and see.
I will still be doing my maintenence chemo - taxotere (not sure of the spelling) and the plan is for once a month for the next year. I'm probably going to stay bald..... (The baldness is definitely wearing thin with me).

I'm very blessed to have friends and family like i do who support me so much. I hope that if any of you ever has questions that i could help out in anyway, please get in touch with me. Best way is thru the email in the Etsy store, I would get that directly.
Thanks everybody, Love you! laura XXOO