Sunday, September 27, 2009

Etsy Project Embrace is an official team

Hi there!
We have an official Etsy team called Etsy Project Embrace.
You can find our Etsy Team on the Team Profiles page here:
Etsy Project Embrace Team
Please go there to find out more about it, or go to ETSY and the scroll down boxes to "all items", type in "teamepe" or and those items listed are for sale and a portion of their proceeds goes towards cancer research - to the American Cancer Society. This group has raised approx. $2,500 already, with no end in site! I'm so appreciative of each and every one of you who participates, purchases, and just checks in with me.
It is so uplifting!

A special thanks to Kristin of for organizing the team to get Etsy "team status"... alot of time involved! Also to Kathi of and for creating a banner for the team and to Kim of - whose idea this was in the first place and none of this would've ever happened without her! Also, two honorable mentions and fellow cancer survivors, Ginny of, who keeps us all up to date on all the new EPE treasurys - pretty much daily - in the forum thread and Amy of, who took all our team info to Facebook and Twitter.
Speaking of the thread - we have a new forum thread where people write in all the time with new info and treasurys, to share stories, and help one another. I have a direct link to the right of this post as well as the direct link to the ACS team.

One more thing as you read this. We have never met. I have never met Kim, or Kristin, or Ginny, or Kathi, or Amy, and most of these people have not met one another - they live in different states and different countries........
Thank you ALL! laura XXOO

Monday, September 14, 2009


My Doctor wrote two things on my chart today:
N.E.D. AND C.R...............
That means No Evidence of Disease - AND - COMPLETE REMISSION!
...........WOO HOO as Ames would say!
Of course i clapped my hands and said "Great, now i don't have to come to chemo"... and the reply was "UHHH, yes you do." Well, i tried! What's a little chemo between now and Feb. 2011. Nothing, right?!? As long as i have my family and friends cheering me on , i can do ANYTHING! Love you! laura xxoo

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Made out GOOD!

Hey there everybody!
I made out good for round 3 and almost over any side effects. I started taking estrogen 3 weeks ago. Both my Doctors reccomnended it and it cut down some on my "chemo brain" that i had terrible in the first 2 months. I even cleaned the tub and posted new listings over that weekend - Pretty good. I had my last treatement on Tuesday and was able to wash Alex's car on Wed. - which we were selling... Thursday i taught a "chair" aerobics class at a local nursing home - and i didn't even throw up this week or anything!! The steriods will keep me a little hyped for a few days with restless legs - but i'm back to sleeping good! And i also worked at Ochmans' (a local jewelry store whose owners are SO NICE that they let me make my own hours when i need too - .... like coming in at noon today instead of 10:00 - i LOVE THEM!) So, all is good! I'm hoping to make lots of jewelry to get ready for a big area Harvest Festival on the 20th and get alot done before i have to go back on the 28th.
Alex and Drew are doing great at school. I called Alex the other day and he had 2 MINUTES BEFORE THEY WERE PLAYING VIDEO GAMES! Gotta love it......... hahaha.

You guys are just so nice to check in with me!! Thank you for all your love and support. I'm getting ready to model New Fall Hat Looks and we'll do more pictures! I'm sure you'll be at the edge of your seats for that!! :D laura xxoo