Friday, August 28, 2009

new slide show coming soon!

Hey there! i have my blog manager working on my new slide show. Tattoo Tracey took me (like Driving Miss Daisy) to the beach to stay with Drew for a few days! We missed him this summer. I watched him give tennis lessons and play in some matches. I pretty much would've been happy to watch him pick blades of grass... :D.

So, we'll have the "empty-nest" come Sunday. We took Alex to college yesterday and Drew got home for a few days and he leaves tomorrow for his Jr. year.......... I'm feeling sorry for myself and I'm looking for sympathy, if you want to feel sorry for me, you can sign up here!...........................
love ya, laura xxoo


  1. How do you feel sorry for someone with such a positive outlook? Oh yeah ... you don't. You admire them instead

  2. awww, I like what Gary said :)

    Big hugs to you, Laura!

  3. I'm with Gary, too- HUGE admiration bubble from my heart to yours lady-face!

    xo- Cat :)

  4. Lots of admiration as always and as these guys already say..-sympathy, if you want that I think I know how to post comments in blogs! xoxo Ginny

  5. Now I need sympathy! I missed the treasury, writing in your blog!! Well, I'll try for the next one...and this way I can send you more LOVE, and yes SYMPATHY if you want istill t. How great that your boys have a such a great mom! xoxoGinny again

  6. Laura, it's going to be okay. It might take a little though.
    A big big kiss, Iris

  7. I really have to agree with Gary too! I just saw you Laura, and I'll have to admit, you're smile and attitude just radiate. However, being an empty nester myself, I will feel sorry for you a little, but isn't it wonderful that you have 2 great boys, that are at school and are happy?

    See you soon, good luck this week.
    Sherry ♥

  8. I'll give you some sympathy! Since I don't have any kiddos of my own, I don't know exactly what it's like. But I've known people who had a really hard time with not having their kids at home. They all came to love it eventually though. Look on the bright side, now you can sit around the house in your underwear!

  9. "Weeeeep no more, my Laura,
    Oh, weep no more todaaaay ..."

    It's a new chapter, sure, but just remember: Your little ones are grown and flown, but their stuff will be with you forever.

  10. Awwww!!! You have my total sympathy!! I don't want to let go of being mommy, and I like my child and stepchild, too. The whole dynamic of our household changes without any one of us present. But I know you will adjust and thrive, and me, too, in only 2 more years. Each life stage brings unforseen blessings, and I'm sure that this one will, too.

    Lots of sympathy and hugs,
    Lee (OneClaybead on Etsy)

  11. You have got my sympathy and plenty of big hugs. I see tomorrow you start your next course of chemo, that came around way too quickly. I will be thinking about you all day, I know I won't be the only one. You have a ton of people with you every step of the way, all of whom believe in you.


  12. eat some wheaties. youll be alright. take heart in the fact that you raised two great guys and taught them all you know.


  13. Hey Laura cakes,
    though I am not a parent, I can certainly imagine the empty space you may be feeling, just know that it will pass and things will soon evolve into new and wonderful things for you, like more Laura time...yay!!!

    big hugs xoxo