Monday, August 31, 2009

HERE IT IS, End of August 09.... and you stayed tuned, didn't you???

Ok, hope you like my song selection - it's called "the Hamster Dance"- I used to play this for ice hockey tournaments - you'll be tapping your feet!

Also, my last pic with Alex by the tree - notice that i am wearing a new "artist series" locket by my friend, Cat, of and the artist is Cyd, of, a cool painting of 2 flowers, and i have 3 other pics i can interchange!!!!

I had Cat do magnetic metal/cork boards for the kid's college rooms, with a bunch of magnets that are pics of their friends...... and of course, me!! (Ha ha) I don't want them to forget for one minute what i look like :D This is a great gift idea!! Enjoy! laura xxoo


  1. yes, I am tapping my feet ... and my head into the wall- the hamster dance, eh? you must have really had 'em going at the hockey tournaments with this one- their opponents running for earplugs that is- ha! actually it is starting to grow on me - the pictures are WONDERFUL - for a minute I thought you were going to trick Drew and shave his head! hope you are feeling as good as you look because you are looking GREAT! xoxx

  2. Ok, completed my reading, and know where I'm at! think I've added everything to my Etsy shop, now I need to add links to my blog....
    Nice to meet you. :O)

  3. What fun!! great video Laura, you are marvelous and in fine form as always girlfriend! I still can't get overhow much Drew and Alex look like you, you're all so darn cute! I'm so glad to know that you've been busy with your metalsmithing lately, that's really awesome, keep on rocking baby cakes.

    love you,

  4. Ok, I have to admit I watched the slideshow BEFORE I read what you wrote (shame on me) but since I did, I can report that my toe tapping came from a very pure and uninfluenced place and my first thought was "What is this music??? She's a genius...I HAVE to have it!!" You're such a bunny too, you cited you sources right down to Cyd and Cat.

    And regarding life cycles, I hope I can navigate through empty-nestedness when it visits my doorstep with as much grace as you have.

  5. Laura,
    I look so forward to these! Loved it so much and yes I was tapping my feet! You look wonderful and always smiling, you make me smile when I see you. Love ya Laura,

  6. Wow, gorgeous bright sunny happy pics. You are such a beautiful family! :D

  7. A friend played the Hampster Dance song for me years ago, but I never knew what it was called! Such a cute slide show, and I hope the empty nest feeling brings you joy soon!

    Cute post!

  8. Happy to see you smile dear Laura. Your sons are just fabulous!
    You are a lucky mom:-)

    Kisses, Iris

  9. you are one good looking family!.. and my son henry sang along with the hamster dance song ( well.. sang a lot of do do do do do dos!) and i have to admit i was enjoying it quite a bit myself!!

    ... and yes it's hard when the big boys go off to school-- the phone and computer really get used a lot--and don't forget there are plenty of unofficial parent's day weekends!

    i send you a big hug laura--

  10. That is wonderful! I'm smiling all over the place:) Everyone looks so happy.

    Laura, they grow up so quickly. Keep taking lots of pics.

  11. Love it, Laura! And you know what? Many generations ago (just before the Revolution) some of my ancestors lived in Shippensburg! You think we might be distant cousins or something? Hmmm ... my gain if we are!!!

  12. Hey Laura! what a fun video! It was over too fast! I guess I could rewind!! You all look so much alike! Laura you are looking great! I hope you are feeling ok! Off to do the hamster dance! ...

  13. what a cute video and man oh man do you have a good lookin brood! you look fantastic,,, even sporting a tan I see! much love to you...xoxo~

  14. I loved that one Laura. And not a dry eye thinking of your boys away now. I love seeing how much they both look so much like you. I am wishing you and them a wonderful year at college. You look beautiful in your fancy hats and scarves. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are the best! Hugs....