Thursday, October 29, 2009

etsy voter

Hey, if you have an etsy account and have a minute - i could use some votes in the "voter" . I was nominated for my lauraslocumpainted candy corn magnets.

thanks, Laura

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Too Sexy

Hi, I finally have my slide show done! It took some time to get the song.... long story...., but I'm now ready for it! You'll see some items by a few favorite Etsians.... You'll have to watch close - some items were gifts and some purchases for Etsy Project Embrace! Most of the hats are by Jackie, MonarchDancer... (the brown one i wear in my picture)! The yellow one is from Bridget from BlueMoonRose and the black one at the end - with the Ginny felted flower, GinnyHubber is from my sister - Tattoo Tracey. The buttons sewn on are from Ginny of GinPins. I had some jewelry on - from Lynn of UnnaOdd and Cyd from Botanicalbird. I did have Amy's bracelet on - from adornbyamysingley - the "Laura" bracelet, but the slide show cut it off - but it is beautiful. We will pretend that we see it! .........and I have a little "buddy" with me at the end that's also wearing hats - he does have more hair than me, but I still love him!!!! :D

Oh, our lunch, from last week, was postponed - Lynn's daughter came down sick at the last minute (sad face), but we'll try to reschedule it again!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ACS money!

Hey there! I wanted to tell you that my church did a special collection for cancer research after I told my pastor about all you great Etsy people participating in Etsy Project Embrace and donating to the American Cancer Society! We collected $389.00 - I think that is cool. We have a few ladies in the congregation that are great people and cancer survivors - I think I'm the only one undergoing treatment at the present time. When i get it situated, i will be applying that money to the "team gifts"! That will put us over the $3000 mark - we are currently at $2993, pretty amazing that we raised that much money in about 3 months...... !!!! For more info, you can click on the links on the right of my page.

Jenn and I are headed for my dr. appt. tomorrow and we are taking baby Chase (because he is so good - he can go anywhere - as long as he can suck on his fingers!!) We are meeting with Lynn at 1:00 pm for lunch at the cafe in my building. If you want to come - let me know!! We'll be taking pictures. I also have my hat pictures taken and when i get some time - I'll be doing a slide show as well -.......... so STAY TUNED! Love you lots. laura

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Look who I met at chemo!

Lynn from Unaodd...from She lives 10 minutes from where i do my chemo so she came to meet me and visit! It was so nice having her come!!!! Lynn had a very similar surgery as me, also in May, and she's lucky to escape chemo - Yay!!! Lynn is such a beautiful person and very talented. She's a mom to a first grader and a fourth grader and she took jewelry making in college,... and she paints, too! If you have never been to her shop, you need to see it! She's part of teamepe and she's officially the second Etsy person that i've personally met.......Kendra (teamzvonik and greenpost) being the first! I go for my next dr. appt on 10/21 and Jenn and I are going to meet Lynn for lunch! If you are in the Allentown PA area that day, you can come meet Lynn, too! She really made my day!

oh... and round 4 - a thing of the past! I start up again on 10/26, so i need to get myself up and running! love you guys. laura XXOO