Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hey there! Heading out of town to Lehigh Valley tomorrow, for surgery on Tuesday morning. My surgery was moved up a week..... i explained in my last post that i was going March 2. I'm anxious to have the ports out, my stomach looks "alien" with all kinds of bumps, now if only i could get rid of the "road map" of scars, that would be SO cool. Also hoping to be able to go back to a normal diet, so we'll see if my genius of a doctor will be able to fix my small intestines at this point in time.
I'm tenatively scheduled for Tues. 6am arrival, and we'll stay in a hotel tomorrow night, since we are expecting snow and ice.
Well, that's all. I'm only expected to be there for the day and hopefully will get back up on my feet soon. Thanks for checking in :D laura xxoo

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

middle of it!

I'm in the middle of my last big round of chemo! Bartt and i went away Sunday and came back today - it was nice to not have to get up so early and travel back and forth. We found an inexpensive hotel that was nice and had breakfast included - right down the road. I'm home now and traveling down for day 3 with Mary Ann - an aerobic's class friend tomorrow. At the moment i'm scheduled for surgery on March 2 to take out my ports in my abdomen and hopefully fix the scar tissue that sits on my small intestine, so i can back to a normal diet. That will be nice! That's all for now. take care everybody and thanks ALWAYS for checking in :D
laura xxoo