Wednesday, July 29, 2009

After the final rose x 5, Wed/ July 29

Hey, this is Laura! I'm doing some of this post all by myself! My blog manager, Jenn, aka, Chris Harrison, aka the host of "the Bachelorette", has an inner ear infection or something, but she was able to put the slide show together! My friends from home have been coming over every Monday night to watch "the Bachelorette" with me, even during chemo! First it started with my friend Terri, who didn't have cable at her house and had started coming over to watch "the Biggest Loser" this spring. We would eat light popcorn and drink light beer and watch the people lose weight each week! So, when the new season of the Bachelorette was coming on, i suggested we start watching that. Then, my friends Karen and Sandy started to come, next, sisters Kim and Tracey started to come. We would all talk on commercials.. or.. sometimes during the show, then I had to turn up the volume on the tv.....and they'd have to wait till next commercial to resume their stories. For the final show, Jenn came over with baby Chase and a special guest, Laureen, another friend! I had decided to hold a rose ceremony at the end, much to their surprise. I had 5 roses and 6 girls. Terri was saying.... "pick me first"! In the end, I had to let Laureen go... since it was her first time coming, and i was not able to take her on my "home-town date".
This is way funnier if you actually have watched the show, but I hope you enjoy "the final rose x 5" . Thanks for dropping by and let us know who you think the next bachelor should be: I say Jake, ... but I like Reed, too! love you, laura xxoo

(PS, we really hated Ed's green "mankini" shorts.........)


  1. You did a great job posting!! And I sooo wish I was there. What a fun time. I watched it too. It was very sweet.

    My vote is for Reed
    I'm with you on the mankini shorts! .

  2. Now you are making me want to watch The Bachlorette! As if I need to get hooked on any more reality shows- they are sooo addictive for me! It's nice to see you all having so much fun- love and hugs,

    Lee (oneclaybead)

  3. Hilarious Laura!! I love this, and I so wish that I lived near you, so I could come crash the party, do I need to bring my own rose?? since the newbies don't get one...hahaha

    Love ya,

  4. I'm laughing and crying at the same time, but I don't know why, b/c I received a rose. I love this. I love the whole blog, I think both my sisters (Laura & Jenn) are incredibly talented. I just figured how to post a comment, yeah!!!


  5. you are making great strides Tracey!

  6. How fun! I don't watch the show, but sitting with friends and laughing, talking and eating sounds absolutely perfect.

  7. Your girlie night watching reality tv sounds like a BLAST! I don't watch those particular shows, but I have been known to partake in some of the really trashy ones on VH1. Don't tell anyone, lol...

  8. I don't get what's so wrong with the shorts. My husband has red ones just like them. Sometimes, I like to wear them as a headband...

    When we watched Biggest Loser, we were shoving Doritos in our mouths with both hands. It was quite a workout.

    Katie :P

  9. OMG you make me wish I was there AND that I watched the show (well, almost on that second part- hehe) - beautiful video ladies!!

    xo- Cat :)

  10. How FUN!!! My vote is for Reid or Jessi- I loved that Jessi...

  11. Congratulations Laura! You did it all by yourself!
    So much fun at your house. I have to come by! Iris