Thursday, April 1, 2010

my new quicky chemo!

Hey there kids! I had my first round of maintenence chemo, taxotere, today, and it ain't no april fools joke... i have pics to prove it. Well, instead of it being like 6 or 7 hours, it's now only 2.5 to 3 hours......that's a nice change. I haven't had chemo since the begining of Feb. - so i was catching up with some old friends today and everybody seems to be doing good. Pictured second is my friend, Judy, who is very crafty and very talented when it comes to home improvement projects. She made her own kitchen cabinet doors for her kitchen and tiled.. and painted... and counter tops. Whew - i needed a nap after listening to her. She is one month ahead of me, so she's like my 'chemo mommy' and i always email her with the laundry list of questions! She's very helpful, especially that her journey is similar to mine. She's been luckier in the hair department than me! If you look REAL REAL hard, you'll see i have a little crop of hair coming in and finally got eyebrows back this week, so i'm not using a pencil anymore and i don't have to worry about them rubbing least for the time being.

Pictured first is my Dad, Jim Reese, and his friend Rosemary, they were my drivers today. She is also going thru maintenence chemo- and her hair is coming back in and is cute as a button! She is fun (just like my dad) has lots of energy and my family just loves her!!!

Drew and Alex will be in very quick and back to school Sunday afternoon. Looking forward to some extra laundry.

Thanks for checking in and a very Happy Easter to all - i'm hoping not to be 'tossing' up my dinner or peanut butter eggs..... laura XXOO