Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hey there, it's Laura. My blog manager has the night off.

I had my first chemo today for the month. It's a long day, i left at 7:45 am and didn't get home till 6:15. I'll leave tomorrow at around 7:30 and be home probably later. My chemo tomorrow is like 8 1/2 hours !! I feel good now, just tired... but after tomorrow night, you may not "see" me for a little bit! So, I always get bendryl on the first day and the fourth day. I makes me so sleepy and i take a little pillow and some blankets.... then my legs get restless and I can't sleep anyway! I took my jewerly box today to make some things, but I forgot my wire -wrapping tool that is ALWAYS in there, so I didn't get too far with that. I mostly chatted with my various new chemo friends. I have a friend Judy that is getting a similar treatment to me, but is one month ahead. She's only 42 and her husband died last August and she lives about a half hour north of me and her whole family is in my area, that they have to do get her on treatment days and she has a similar drive to me. Yikes!! I really enjoy talking to her... but she STILL has her stinkin hair - she looks so cute! I thought for sure she'd be bald this treatment... I just had to bust her all day about it! I really enjoy that she's on my same schedule - because she and i are the youngest people by at least 10, 20 and 30 years! She usually crochets - but we both sat like blobs today. I go an extra day, so i'll miss her on Friday, but i'll see her tomorrow and next Wed. On Friday, I hope the one lady comes that talks non-stop...... i really hope she sits by me..... she knows my name and that'll be REAL FUN! Do you hear my sarcasm??

Love you all!! thanks for dropping by :) laura XXXOOO and sloppy wet kisses for all.......


  1. chemo friends are friends for life! they understand exactly what you are going through at exactly the moment you go through it. I remember being the youngest too... that's kinda tough... btw... your friend may be getting the same treatment but not the same doses... that might be why she still has her hair. You, my dear, are gorgeous with or without it toots! I love you... call if you feel like laughing... haha~ xoxo~ ames

  2. Hey there Laura cakes!
    oh my gosh, I didn't realize it was chemo time again already. I'm so glad you have found some buds there to talk to and raz, as I know you do! I hope this week flies by for you. I am going to call you tomorrow.
    night, night (as you say)

  3. You have a good time no matter where you go, huh? Do you think you'll try to keep in contact with Judy even when this is over with? She sounds like a really sweet chick. Don't let those long days get you down, at least you attract talkative new friends everywhere you go hehe. :-)

  4. You are doing it just right, Laura! Even making new friends! Have a nice sleep, but not too long, We are waiting always on an up date:-)
    Kisses, Iris

  5. you are too funny laura! you're like a friend magnet. ;)

  6. Hello my friend! I've been thinking about you all week. I hope your belly doesn't bother you so much. It must be tiring to have to travel back and forth in addition to those long days for the treatment themselves. I know what's that like (remember, I used to take Greyhound to Seattle for my treatments...) It is great news that your CA-125 was ONLY 7.5! Yippee!! I hope your last day of this month's cycle goes well tomorrow (Friday). I will keep on thinking of you and praying for you, girl.

    XOXO with smiles,
    Your belly twin, Mieko

  7. hah!! you KNOW that lady is going to sit next to you NOW!!

    get plenty of good rest laura and recharge that high voltage battery of yours!!


  8. Your attitude is infectious, Laura--you have a keen talent for observation, and a great sense of humour!

  9. I just found this blog link at etsy and wanted to wish you well. I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer with mets at age 38, a disease my aunt died from years earlier at age 42.

    I remember the chemo room well, the fatigue, and the fear when waiting for test results. hang in there!!!

    Oh, and that was 11 years ago - so far, so good.

    Have hope,