Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The (Almost) Bald and Beautiful 7/22/09

I so desperately tried to hold on to my hair until Jenn, John and the baby came to the beach by staying out of any strong breezes (which is difficult to do at the shore). But that night, the pressure was off and I lost most of it in the shower. My biggest concern was that I ran out of hot water 10 minutes before I was done pulling the hair out. Unfortunately, I have odd patches and tufts of hair still left. As you will see in the slideshow, my son Drew helped cut the leftover long strands of hair and then today I broke my razor trying to shave the rest for my "Kojak" moment. But hey, I still have my eyebrows.
Wish you were here,
laura xxoo


  1. Laura cakes, you continually amaze me girlfriend. I love this slideshow and I am struck by the brilliance of your smile and the light in your eyes, as they say "you've got it going on" You are brilliant and such an inspiration to me, and I thank you for all you are...THANK YOU!!

    lots of love & hugs to you,

  2. thank you Cyd! You know... I am going for it! I'm on an adventure and I'm going to make the best of it!! An my friends make it that much more fun!!

  3. Watching this made me cry. With all the momentum and excitement of EtsyProjectEmbrace, it is easy to detach from the reality that is cancer. This slideshow is a profound visual reminder of why we've come together for you. Letting us all in there to watch you as you lose your hair (and even break your razor!) lets us experience it from your point of view. Cyd is completely right, the smile on your face is so poignant and so representative of your inspiring outlook, Laura. You are truly a woman of valor.

  4. You are an amazing woman, reading your post and watching your slideshow made me cry, yet you have a brilliant smile in place. You are an inspiration.

  5. you look amazing... the light is strong in your smile and in your eyes... you are truly beautiful and much stronger than even you can imagine. I love you toots. What an honor it is to call you my friend. Can't believe you broke your razor... I guess it's not a big deal since you won't be needing it anytime soon! Hold onto those eyebrows and your lashes as long as you can! virtual hugs to you babycakes! you are the best! xoxoxo~ ames

  6. Oh Laura! Beautiful, beautiful woman!!!

    You are absolutely beautiful! Yes, I am crying too.

  7. thanks for letting us into your life, Laura. Well wishes, every day.

  8. Oh Laura,
    I am crying because you are losing your hair, but I am also crying because of that amazing smile of yours ..... you are shining SO brightly my dear friend. You are so very beautiful.

    The biggest hugs and sloppy wet ones.

  9. Laura, all I could stare at was your smile and your sparkling eyes! I realize that could sound corny, but it's true. {Now I've seen the comments, I see I'm not the only one noticing!} Thanks for taking us with you every step of the way. It takes guts and I admire you for that! Keep enjoying that sandless swimsuit! *squeeze*

  10. I'm sure you figured it out, but this is Katie {budpnq}. {Blogspot hates me and won't ever let me use an openID...}

  11. Laura you are so beautiful and such a huge inspiration. Your smile is contagious and so is your loving, sharing, caring spirit. Love and hugs to you and your family.

  12. Whoa- get that lady a lollipop (we are probably the only ones old enough on here to remember Kojak, Kodak? - guess we're not as old as I thought- hehe!) - my eyes are drawn to your sparkling eyes girl! Remember you need xtra sunblock now! I love you Laura!

    xo- Cat :)

  13. Laura, you are sooo beautiful, hair or no hair! I love seeing you surrounded by your handsome son and that darling baby. I am in awe of how open you are, and pray every day that next year you will be posting as your hair grows back, and for many, many years to come, until we all see that baby grow up and graduate!!! Much love,

    Lee (OneClayBead on Etsy)

  14. I know... we debated Kojak... ha ha! Jenn is like... "who's Kojak?" But John, her husband, is only 2 years older and he thought most people would know who that was! I was like, should I say Michael Jordan?? I like Michael Chicklas from The Shield, too....... He's got a great bald head! Sinead O'Connor wasn't very nice to the Pope... if i remember correctly, so we skipped that one.! Thanks everybody for your comments, my family tends to try to have fun in just about every situation... ha ha! laura xxoo

  15. Laura,
    you never cease to amaze me! You are just so beautiful! The video did indeed make me cry also. Thinking and praying for you Laura!
    Diana from Oklahoma

  16. You are an inspiration, Laura!

  17. Dear Laura,

    I was so upset when I had learned you lost your hair. Your video was so poignant. Your stength and courage shines through. As everyone else has said, you are beautiful. Keep on laughing and smiling :)

    Jackie xxoo

  18. You are truly an inspiration, Laura.


  19. Hi "BT"!

    You look amazing with or without hair! I admire your courage. Thanks for sharing your experience. I think of you often. Keep on smiling - I'll be smiling thinking of you and imagining your beautiful smile.

    Last week, I used the conditioner on my hair for the first time in almost 8 months. It's finally long enough for shampoo and conditoiner! One great advantage of not having hair was my shower was done in 1 minute not having hair to wash and condition. It takes about 2 minutes now with almost of an inch of hair! :)


  20. laura... i am humbled by your journey and your choice to dance among these raindrops ~ your spirit is inspiring countless others to 'play their own hands', bolstered by your your fine example and beautiful smile.

    may you feel well and strong today and know you are much loved,

  21. I love that you have so much fun, Laura!
    You look so beautiful, sweet woman:-)
    I want to kiss you for your smile!
    Love you, Iris

  22. Laura your smile is infectous and MAGIC!! I was smiling through tears and all I could think of was...."YOU GO GIRL!! GO GET 'EM!!" Watching your courageous video made me think that all of us, no matter how bad the situation, all of us, can make it through. Thank you for the massive inspiration and I am sending boatloads of healing energy and big sloppy wet ones!!
    Peace, love and light....
    :) Kristin
    (loveartworks on etsy....)

  23. laura----you look just as beautiful with or without the hair-- perhaps you will start another rash of shaved heads--- and while you are naming other famous shining beans--don't forget gandhi.
    i'm down here at the bottom of this list because it took some time for me to find my courage to come back to your blog to see your pictures --quite honestly i knew it would make me cry, but at the same time i feel tremendously happy for you. you are surrounded by your incredible family and you are making the most of each and every day and facing your challenges head on with your brilliant shining self!! i'm extremely moved by your courage, your love, and your ability to share your experience, with all of us...
    thank you so so so very much. you are a part of my daily thoughts... i send you lots of love and bigs hugs!!

  24. You are one truely amazing woman and a great inspiration to everyone out there, Laura! You look beautiful with or without hair because it is your positive attitude that shines! You rocks! :)

    Big Hugs~

  25. Hey Couz, love that you are sharing and that you are obviously loved, and you love, doesn't get muuch better. I remember shaving my head when my brother Paul got cancer, actually 7 other guys joined me (well two guys were already mostly bald so it kinda didn't really count)but.... it was freakin cold at night in Jan., had to wear a hat.