Thursday, July 9, 2009

Etsy Project Embrace

Thursday, 7/9/09:
I have to say i've been totally overwhelmed by your continuing support of my newly diagnosed cancer! I hope you always stay with me because I don't know if i could do it without all your love and support!

Chemo was long... nothing major on Monday, but what I'd like to say is "whoozy, floozy" head now for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! I've been reading the Lance Armstrong book and he's racing in the tour de france, but when I'm nauseous or achy, i think of him, riding his bike up the hills! He was thru alot and I can do it too!.... with the exception that i have no interest in riding a bike like that!!
Thanks to all you guys who are participating ETSY Project Embrace: tag: etsyprojectembrace - I don't even know how to say thanks! Love you guys!


  1. I've read that book too! Hey, you can get through the hard times, one day at a time...all the hard doesn't come at once, though it might feel like it--just know we are with you each step of the way, across oceans, thinking about you in our daily lives.

  2. laura-- yes riding those hills has to have been an ordeal--as is the chemo. BUT-- you and lance have the same determined spirit and zest for life. i agree though--maybe a nice bike with a basket and wide tires will do the trick...

    i love your new blog-- a great way to keep in touch..

    xoxo much love to you this week!

  3. So glad you have finally started a blog!!! Good job!
    Sorry that you were feeling a little woozy. Hope it's better now.
    I was just thinking about Lance- what an amazing role model.

  4. i'm going to get a nice bike with a basket ... and ride on the flat roads!

  5. You go girl! You are stronger than you can even fathom right now... Cancer brings out the courage and inspiration in all of us. You are an inspiration to me. Keep on pedaling toots! I love you~ ames

  6. Hang tough, Laura! I'm kind of jealous that you get so much reading time! I posted a blog about Etsyprojectembrace today- here's a link

    Love you, girl!