Thursday, July 23, 2009

Some Beach Photos


  1. What a cute slideshow, and it even had a happy ending! You have a beautiful family.

  2. Oh this is hilarious and so true. The mommy puts in the bulk of the effort and what...a decent picture is too much to ask?

    You look very chic in your pirate scarf, Laura, and your grin makes it that much more enchanting. And your our photo editor deserves a raise, this is great!

  3. You're all lookers!! and your kids look so much like you Laura. These are some really great photos, I'm so glad you posted them. Chase is just as cute as can be, I would love to kiss his little baby feet! Hope you're all having a fantastic time!


  4. It looks like everyone is having such a great time! Wonderful family photos...I agree the family resemblance is so striking!

    The last photo of Jenn and Chase is so sweet!

  5. Amazing good looking family! Wow! Your sons are handsome. Your husband is too. You look fantastic, Laura! Baby is super cute:-) Enjoy!

  6. Hey look at you, frolicking at the beach with all those handsome guys!

  7. another fantastic film of you and the family--someone is clearly a budding filmmaker! chase is adorable -- and that's a great way to get a baby to stop crying!! with a big smootch!! good thinking jenn--- that's the perfect picture!
    enjoy the rest of your vacation--i'm leaving for mine on monday... and i can't wait!

    XO to you laura :) :) :)


  8. whooo hoooo! I love all the family pictures... man you guys have the BEST SMILES! You look amazing Laura... the shots of you kneeling over Chase a gorgeous... Much love to you! Virtual hugs to you all~

    Love you toots!