Monday, June 1, 2009

The Scoop, June 1

Ok, here's the scoop:

I just got back from the doctor and I have stage 3 ovarian cancer, it is the common form.... or preferred form of ovarian cancer... good ~ . It was the size of a grapefruit on my right ovary. The left side was the tumor on the colon, which was only on the surface, it did not invade the colon.... good~ They removed 32 lymph nodes and found one bad one, which was in a lower section - which it was good the upper ones were not involved.... pretty good~
I go next week to talk about my treatments. In 2 weeks, I'll have outpatient surgery for 3 port-a-caths, one in my chest in 2 in my abs. I'll start chemo the end of June and have it for 8 months, plus 12 months after of maintenance chemo. We'll learn all about that next week. I absolutely have an "angel" of a doctor and will always travel to the Lehigh Valley area (PA) at this point - a little over an hour away. He said my condition is serious, but that I have a positive attitude and that he thinks I'm going to do I expect to great, too. I'm thinking of selling advertising for my bald head.... since I won't be working for a bit...... ha ha. Let me know if you are interested.

Seriously, the only thing I've been upset about this entire time is the elephant legs I have, which i learned today is from a sluggish lymphatic drainage system and that I will continue to have this problem for awhile. My right leg hurts almost as much as my incision, and that wasn't something I was prepared for. I'm still up 20 pounds and my legs are so uncomfortable. Had I known, I could have been mentally prepared, but that's the only thing I've cried about thus far.

So, BIG NEWS!!! Jenn's water broke today and she's in the hospital. Please pray for her and John and a healthy baby boy ..... and maybe the least amount of pain possible ... if you want to throw that in! We are so excited about the new baby coming - and what fabulous timing!!

Need to go take a nap and get my piggy toes elevated..............Love you lots, Laura

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