Sunday, June 28, 2009

My stomach USED to be my best feature!

I can say this surgery knocked me for a loop. I have 8 incisions - and have only been able to take Advil and Tylenol - I just throw up with the stronger stuff. The surgery took a little more thank 2 hours and the doctors says everything went well - the only problem with that my stomach looks like a road map! When it hurts - it just keeps changing positions!! So, I have 3 ports and 2 of them are quite close to the bra line - so I don't know how THAT'S all going to work. It's like i have 2 little "shadow" boobies...... ha ha! At least I only put on 6 pounds this time - much better than 24!! I go to the Dr. tomorrow afternoon and will find out my chemo schedule - which will probably start after the holiday weekend. So, I'll be in touch! you all are just SO AWESOME to check in with me - that's what keeps me going...................... xxoo


  1. Go Laura go!!!!
    you are one amazing and beautiful woman!! Thank you for sharing the whole story, complete with the the not so pleasant parts of the story.
    lots of love to you!


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  3. (((Hugs Laura)))! I consider them to be well-earned and honorable battle scars -brave and beautiful signs of your strength!