Thursday, June 17, 2010


Hey there! Well, .....I had genetic testing last week for the BRCA gene 1 and 2, the gene mutations for ovarian and breast cancers. My grandmother (maternal side) died at 49 of breast cancer and my mom died at 64 of ovarian. Despite this - I did know that a very small percentage of the population will test postive for the hereditary gene mutation and I was honestly expecting to test negative....... and I was WRONG! I tested positive. That means that my boys and my sisters have a 50/50 chance of testing positive. What I did find out is that I have up to an 87% chance of developing breast cancer.....that's where my "good grief" comes in. I will be looking into what exactly i'm doing next during this month and the month of July, but I'm most likely going to be having a mastectomy at some point and hopefully sooner rather than later. I still have some stuff to learn and specialists to talk to, but that's what I want to do. I don't want to sit and wait around to be diaganosed with breast cancer, I want to take the "bull by the horns" and just do it! From what i understand, it is possible to have resconstruction at the same time.

Hey, i'm all good with it, so don't worry about me. I like to say "it is what it is". I was much more upset to think of the rest of the family having now to test and possibly undergo all this stuff as well. So we pray that the lab tests are correct and they all test negative!

Just for general info for anybody that might be faced with insurance did cover the $3,800 that it costs for the comprehensive testing. Now that the gene has been detected and isolated, the family members would test for approx. $300, since they have pinpointed that particular gene.

I am currently an A cup. I will be taking feedback and opinions on what i should be next (as i would definitely would want to go bigger than that) - please feel free to weigh in on the subject. I've never been anything but an A, so i'm looking for all your "sage advice out there, men, you can weigh in, too!!!! :)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions - I'd like to be able to help anyone that may need it.

The good news - I continue to recover from my surgery and am doing better each day. I also just love my little bit of hair. The only thing is ALOT of you people out there were promising me curly hair - and I'm here to tell you that there is NOT ONE FREAKIN CURL IN SITE.

thanks and please pray for the rest of my family! laura XXOO


  1. Well, Laura; Good grief is right! But here you are with your inspiring way of dealing with all of this! Of course, many prayers for the family and much love and many prayers and loving thoughts to you. And, I won't say another word about the lack of curls, as I was one of those who "promised" them! WIll look forward to seeing your cute straight hair and keeping track of your next steps!xoxo

  2. good heavens laura-- it's almost an information overload-- but best to be informed and to be ready and armed --but hopefully not for battle-- but for peace of mind... there are a lot of new treatments on the horizon.. peter has an old friend whose brother just had his lung cancer/tumors 100% disappear after participating in a test treatment consisting of cancer pills designed specifically for each individual patient's tumors-- i'm not explaining it very well -- but this guy is now feeling great and because he's recovered is going to run for the seattle state senate...
    if you'd like the links for this ( the video ) i will be happy to send it to you laura.

    and i've always wanted straight hair.... i used to iron mine in high school--go figure..


  3. Dear Laura, if you ask me, don't do the mastectomy. Why would you do that if you are not diaganosed with breast cancer. I'm not a doctor, but I have some common sense and that doesn't make sense to me. Forgive that I'm so direct. It's like you cut of your legs so you can't leave the house, because you might be killed by a car. Have trust in life. You are en route to heal. Please no more operations. I love that your hair grows. I'm sure it looks beautiful:-) ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. Laura- Oh boy- the genetic component isn't that big of a shock to me, an outsider in all of this, just knowing a little bit of your maternal family history and the fact that you have always taken such good care of yourself, but 87% holy crap- yes, I say get yourself some new boobies- but you don't have to do anything NOW - breathe into this for a while and yes definitely get yourself a B cup and yes, focus on getting something and not losing something - except the 87% chance, but I don't have to tell the girl with the most amazing attitude about attitude!

    I wonder what the difference is between an A and a B cup anyway- I think a C is too much- you will wake up like- what the hell are these? and then you will NEVER be able to play golf or tennis or even wash your car without banging into them ... plus I'm a B so we can start a club or something - I need a club Laura- it is lonely in NJ!!

    So sending my love and thoughts (and a victoria's secret gift card) out to you girlie!!

    xo- Cat :)

  5. Oh, Laura, that I would have the power to say you are in the 13% and ALL of your family will be just fine....hey maybe I do have the power and you might wake up with those curls after all.


  6. Laura, you make me so ashamed that I whine about little things. You face whatever comes with dignity and humor in a way I so admire. Knowing and loving you and the others on TEAMEPE is such a privilege for me... Suz

  7. Good grief! ... and a few more words besides! ;) I love and admire the way you take things for what they are and deal with it head on.

    I would say go for a B, if you go too much bigger you will have to buy a whole new wardrobe. ;)

    Thoughts and prayers for you and your family.
    Kisses and a big hug to you dear Laura,

  8. thank you girls! i'm thinking B as well. Ginny, i forgive you about the curly hair...:D

  9. Laura,
    I'm new to the team and wanted to introduce myself. I also wanted to thank you for sharing your story and experience. I'm sending huge hugs and warm vibes your way!
    Oh, and I would say "B."

  10. Laura, aargh! Sorry you have more to deal with, but I'm sure it helps to feel like you have a little more control of the situation with this information. Wishing you the best always.

    Now Cat and Ginny, don't knock a little bigger. Me and my Cs manage to do the housework without falling over :)

  11. Wow, Laura.. you are so brave and inspiring. I love your positivity throughout everything! Maybe God only dishes out the turbulence to those whom He knows can handle it best. Hopes and prayers going out to you and your family.

    Oh, and I vote for a B. I was always a B until I found out I was really a C, then I became a D from nursing my 2 kids. Now I'm dreaming of being a B again, but from what I hear, I'll be an A after I'm done breastfeeding, only they won't be a perky A (which I can definitely live with), but an A that hangs down to my knees. So yes, go for a B! :)

    *love and hugs*

  12. Oh my god, Laura! I am reeling from your news...but I agree with Cat and "breathing in" the news for a while. I also would be tempted by the surgery and the control that would give but I think the wiser move may be to wait. Boy, that's a tough one...wait with angst or clear your mind with surgery but maybe unnecessary surgery. You certainly have too much on your plate even with all this love and caring. xoxoxo Cait

  13. I'm going to chime in with a vote on the side of pre-emptive surgery. It'll be a hassle, for sure, but it'll eliminate waiting-for-the-next-shoe-to-drop syndrome. My cousin chose that route too, and she's happy about it. Prepare for discomfort as the new boobs establish themselves, at least that's what I understood from her. As for cup size , I'm probably not qualified to chime in since I'm not even an A, but the nice thing about that is that I can totally sleep on my stomach without propping myself up on a pillow. That's a major boon, if you ask me. Buying clothing that doesn't require boobs to look good, on the other hand, is a huge challenge. B is probably a good bet.


  14. Oh HUGS Laura!!!

    I've been so torn over this. After my diagnosis I was encouraged to undergo the genetic testing, but I haven't decided if I will or not.

    I can only imagine how you are feeling right now... and can only say how sorry I am and how much I admire you. You'll make the decision that's right for you.



  15. thanks so much!! many of you are really making me laugh. I'm going to try sleeping on my stomach for awhile until i can't anymore - and i'd like to tell God now to "cut it out"!! LOL!!!

  16. so, I'm logged into my other account - that's what i used to look like! XO

  17. Well see there in that avatar! What do you need curls for when you can smile like that?

    Praying for you and your family and hoping for negatives for all!

    I'm coming down on the side of getting rid of them. The little trouble makers aren't worth your peace of mind!!!

    On size. Joe says go for A+ (that's a professor for you). I say you deserve an A+++ for A++i+ude!

    My advice? Whatever size you decide on, just be darn sure they match. Lopsided is not good. (And anybody who asks me how I know is in big trouble.)

    Sending love and big hugs to the Sugarplum!

  18. I can certainly understand your's much better then being worried and stressed with any little ache or unusual lump. Don't go too big or you may have to purchase an entirely new wardrobe....on second Take care and hugs...

  19. Laura, you are one strong woman! We can all learn so much from you. Hugs from TN.
    As far as boob size, I'd vote for one step up.
    And an interesting note on hair. My MIL's friend's hair came in dark brown, which was her natural color and stayed that way. Never turned gray.

  20. OMGosh.....I can feel the love!<3 So let me just add..when I was running my "race", whenever doc's said negative,I said surgery right now! Regarding cup size- you go for it!!! You and your family are in my prayers daily. May our dear Lord continue to lift you up and completely heal you. Rest on His promise<3

  21. Hi Laura,
    We are all pulling for you and a full B cup would be nice. You are in my prayers as are the entire family.
    Much love,

  22. Laura, your positivity is so damn inspiring!

    Chiming in with Miss Mollie, I will also say to make sure your new ones aren't lopsided. I've got a little lopsided issue over here and bra shopping is no fun! As for size, I'm a C/D, which is fine for me but I agree with Kim. If you go higher than a B, you'll need a new wardrobe (and you'll have to learn to balance yourself again, lol!).

  23. Laura!
    My BIGGEST ENERGY HUG in the WORLD is Blasting across the Internet right now and enfolding you!!! Wow.....just when you think you may have a reprieve. But as usual, your Incredible Uplifting, "Take No Prisoners" personality is already in charge and you are thinking clearly and succinctly on your feet, as you always have about these things. I Know you will give this a good think, and ask for guidance and your decision will be the best one for you....I have faith in all of these things.
    And...."B" for sure!! :)
    Huge Love and {{{{{HUGS}}}}

  24. Laura, I'm continually amazed and inspired by your courage and positive attitude. You've endured so much, I can understand why you'd want to take charge for a change. (((HUGS & BLESSINGS))) to you and your family!

    ...and I'd go with a B. A size C will throw off your center of gravity!

  25. well, good grief certainly sums that all up :)
    laura~ your resilience is evident in your every word and your courage in your 'face it and get on with it' attitude...we're with you girl (boobs or no boobs, A, B, C, whatever!)
    much love and big hugs,
    karon xo

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  28. Oh Laura!
    When I visited your blog yesterday, I did not see this post! This news is unbelievable and I am struggling to find the words. I just don't want you to have to go through anything else, no more pain and no more suffering. The idea that your family may suffer in any way in the future is probably the scariest to you. You are so good at putting on a brave face for your own pain. But, I don't want to make jokes about this situation. I'm not sure getting a mastectomy now is the right choice. I think surgery should be a last resort and not a preventative option. I know that means you might worry about developing breast cancer, but we all worry about that. Tests can be wrong and doctors can make mistakes. Treating an illness that does not exist yet with something so final as a mastectomy does not make sense to me.
    But, I don't know what to tell you. I have never been faced with this decision for myself. However, I lost my grandmother to breast cancer and I remember when she had her mastectomy. Losing your own girls is traumatic. Fake boobs are fake.
    I wish you didn't have to think about all of this and didn't have to make such a difficult choice. I wonder why Lynn decided not to do the testing? I hope you will continue to blog about this before you actually make your decision.
    Your body is beautiful and needs your protection. And so is your hair!
    I love you. Please forgive me if anything I have said is wrong or hurtful. I'm doing my best to be helpful even while this whole thing is making me weep. I'm just so sad.
    xo Kendra

  29. Oh, goodness! You've done the right thing by getting tested, even if the results might overwhelm you a bit. It's great that you're already thinking about the next course of action. I love that go-getter attitude!

    As for the new boobs, I say go for a C cup. That's what I had before I lost weight (now they're a deflated B), and that was just about right. My husband calls them "the perfect handful and a half". I'm sure he'd be thrilled that I just shared that, lol!