Thursday, May 13, 2010

12 days hospital/surgery + 11 days of not eating = 8 pound weight gain......PRICELESS

HEY ALL! I missed you, thanks so much for stopping by. As many of you know i made another trip to the ememergency room at the end of April.... UGGHH! I had surgery, this time cut open, to remove 3 inches of my small intestine and remove some various scar tissue and adhesions that were deciding to dwell in my abdomen. You know i love my graphic photos........sorry and thanks for playing along... haha.
Happy to report the staples are gone and i'm doing well (and yes, lost the 8 pounds plus a little more - i was REAL hungry for most of those 11 days.. not an easy feat!) My pathology report once again came back all negative for cancer. Thank God for that one! I'm supposed to get back on track with my maintenence chemo, which i'm now behind in. I had trouble with the first dose, so i'm going to try breaking it down to 3 times a month instead of once a month and see if that helps. It's messing with my brain, and i really need every brain cell i can manage. Also, i'm in the process of trying to move my chemo closer to home, so i'm still working on that. I'll post that info when i know i'm going again.

Second 2 pictures are from Mother's Day. My older son, Drew, didn't get home - he'll be home this weekend, but Alex came home and i think... got his haircut to look just like me (no, probably not). But, i thought I definitely have to post this picture and you can decide who has more hair! (except he has no grey) Bartt wins the most hair contest... but also the most grey........... - i wonder who made him so grey...... probably me and all the fun i've been this past year......haha!

You're not going to be able to see, but i'm wearing a necklace by Peggy of and a bracelet from amy from They are both ovarian cancer colors with ribbon charms and just so cute!


  1. Hey, Laura,
    Cool belly! Mine just has rolls of blubber...
    So happy to see your smile and enjoy your humor. You GO GIRL!!! Survivors rock! Suz

  2. Yay! Laura! You and Alex do look exactly alike; see, your hair is growing and you look so cute!!! Gorgeous!!!Love these pix..and yes, I think we will all bear with you with the graphic ones..important to see those, too..Can see a bit of Peggy's necklace there..just below your smiling face!! Thanks for the update! And, all the best on figuring out how to rearrange the chemo it works better for your brain and the rest of you!!Lots of xoxo

  3. well girl...look at that hair! glad you're back home and feelin' better! I really hope you are able to move that chemo closer to home~ yay for less travelling!

  4. Hey again Laura- yes, get that moved closer to home if you can- commuting for chemo is just too unfair! You look great- thanks for the belly shot- ack! Your poor belly- we are still doing a smackdown though. Hope you are enjoying a little bit of spring out there- YOU ARE MY HERO!!

  5. Looking good Miss Laura! Yeah, graphics and all. I'm so glad the staples and the extra pounds are gone, and the hair is coming back, and you're feeling and looking so great! Thanks so much for this happy post -- you've put a big smile on my face! Again. xoxo

  6. Hi Laura, such a great picture with you and your son Alex. You totally look alike. Love your new "haircut'. Very cool:-) You look stunning and a few scars are part of life I think. I'm happy your are doing so well and are cancer free. Good luck for the last step, the maintenence chemo. Hope very soon you can live a kind of 'normal' life again:-) Love you, Iris

  7. laura-- look at that sweet tummy-- those are some lovely battle scars! i think you already know this--but it's a great relief to see your beautiful smiling face back here on your blog--and knowing that you've gotten through another hurdle with that feisty spirit of yours. thanks for updating us with the latest-- i've missed you--we all have!
    much love dear girl --and to the sweet men in your life too!!


  8. Oh, Laura, I love your tummy. It's like a new constellation and it was truly earned. I know you're on your way because you've got the wry wit back!

    Thinking about you always,

  9. Hey Laura, you look great and your son look just like you. I am sorry for not knowing you went through all these. I promise to send you good thoughts and energy start from today. Wishing you getting better everyday. xoxoGwen

  10. thanks for your great comments, everyone! I do feel i "earned" those scars. They are the least of my worries.......haha! XO

  11. Oh Laura! You are so beautiful! The hair is adorable and so are your men looking very, very happy! Isn't it amazing to eat nothing and gain weight!! I am keeping you in my thoughts and hope that you have had your last surgery and can relax and enjoy life pain free!! You certainly are well loved!! xo Cait

  12. Hooray for some hair ... ;) ... but sorry about your poor tummy...! Good news about the all clear!
    Alex and you have the exact same smile .... it's good to see that bonny smile of yours.
    It's so good to have you back .... we all missed you!


  13. wow Laura, you've been through so much.

    I have to say, despite having a new map on your tum, and an enforced stay in hospital, plus all that worry, that you look fantastic, and it's great to see you have hair back again (I can't see the grey, either!).

    Fantastic that it was a cancer neg result, too! that in itself must be such a relief.

    Keep up your important job of getting better,
    Rachel x

  14. WOW!! Those are some battle scars that are well earned and absolutely beautiful! They DO look like a constellation of the most wondrous Stars of Hope and Love and Strength!! Your wondrous Fiesty sense of humor is all intact and I am sending big blessings for your chemo treatments!
    :) Kristin

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  16. Nice to see you and your family! Such cute guys in your life!

  17. Hey Laura! So glad to hear that you are doing well, in good spirits, and remaining cancer free, yay! Hang in there miss, you are so strong, and we are all so proud of you!


    ♥ Janell

  18. Hey Laura, you and your family look so positive and happy to be together! I love that you and your son look alike! You can claim that Sinaed O'Connor is your idol! You look as pretty as her.
    I am so glad you are still negative for ca and hope that the different chemo schedule works for you. xo Sheila

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