Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The FREAK SHOW called, they want their stomach back.............

Ok..............sorry if you have a weak stomach! I waited a week to take this picture :D
I have to say that I had ALOT of surgery, but i'm doing much better than i expected to do. I even worked for a few hours Ochman's today (the jewelry store that i help out part time).
So, my surgery was expected to be be about 2 hours - but was 3 1/2. When Bartt saw them wheel me out and the Dr. told him that they should probably keep me overnight....... he said - "good, i'm not taking her home looking like that!" Well, in surgeries like this, they get you on the table, then tilt it so you are sort of upside down - all the blood rushing to your head. So, .......swollen face and no eyebrows - makes for a strange looking girl. I don't remember that much except in recovery, i was congested and was afraid if i slept, I'd stop breathing all together, and i made sure i kept telling the nurses that.......... LOL. Then they gave me oxygen and nose spray, then my nose was just itchy. I don't remember much after getting in my room, except i remember Bartt saying "oh, thank god, you are looking much better". Bartt has been taking great care of me.
The Dr. Albuhday took out my ports, then went exploring. He removed the scar tissue on my intestines, which was kinked. He took a bunch of samples from all over and really took his time, as usual. I had my follow up yesterday and all the samples came back CANCER FREE! So, not that i'm surprised.......... :D I hopefully will be able to have a normal diet again in a few weeks when all the swelling in down - we'll have to wait and see.
I will still be doing my maintenence chemo - taxotere (not sure of the spelling) and the plan is for once a month for the next year. I'm probably going to stay bald..... (The baldness is definitely wearing thin with me).

I'm very blessed to have friends and family like i do who support me so much. I hope that if any of you ever has questions that i could help out in anyway, please get in touch with me. Best way is thru the email in the Etsy store, I would get that directly.
Thanks everybody, Love you! laura XXOO


  1. Cancer free!!!!!! What wonderful words. I am glad you are recovering so well. Take good care of yourself.

  2. Oh poor baby, Laura. You've been through the ringer. On the bright side though, if you lose your connect-the-dots pad you could always use your stomach, right?

    Seriously though, you are blessed to have such a supportive family and such a network of people cheering you on. It's wonderful that you are cancer free now! Hair or no hair, there's no better news than that.


    Love, ~Jill

  3. God Bless you, cancer free! Wishing all the best to you!

  4. Wow! Laura: one picture is worth a thousand words as has been said before. Wow! Whew! And so glad you are done with that and came out of it all cancer free..YAY a few hundred times over! I am sure that all this will be info you can pass along to others as you offer..You do inspire with your spirit and your willingness to be public about your experience in order to help others.. Figure that in about a year and half you'll have some cute, likely curly hair..but for now, feeling better day by day and being able to work at the store and make art...and move toward a new diet..Whoo hoo..Much xoxo to you.

  5. Laura, this pick says it all--nearly healed and you are as strong as could be! I'm rooting for you here in Germany!

  6. Sorry, picture is the word I was looking for :)

  7. Congratulations Laura!
    You did it:-) You went through quite some torture here, but you did it. Lucky you have such a sweet man on your side:-)
    Cheers, Iris

  8. What great news, Laura! I did cringe when I saw your photo, but I know it was all for the good. You are an inspiration.
    Hugs and wishes for you!

  9. Battle scars... you've been fighting a terribly fierce battle. You are beautiful Laura.... and strong... and brave. (((HUGS!))) and a thumbs up!!!

  10. As for your tummy -- those look just like sweet little kisses. ;)

    And as for you, they can turn you upside down, make your hair and eyebrows vanish, cut and paste and stitch away, swell you up like a balloon ... but there's absolutely nothing they can do to make you anything but BEAUTIFUL!!!! So there.
    xoxoxo Mollie Ann

  11. We all have our scars, but Laura, honey... you win!! WOW! But those wonderful words just ring out with joy... cancer free! Hallelujah! So you may have no hair for some time to come, but girl, that spirit is still alive and alight, and your online family is thrilled for you!

  12. I am so HAPPY that you beat this thing, Laura! You have shown me how important it is to have a sense of humor and how laughing has real healing power. Sorry about your stomach but I think you are SO BEAUTIFUL- SCARS AND ALL! Tell Bartt thank you from me for taking such good care of you. You are blessed to have such a strong support system, but you are also so kind and sweet that supporting you is easy.
    I love you! xoxo Kendra

  13. Cancer FREE - what wonderful words Laura- your other words are very hard to hear (and Mollie's make me want to cry) - the places your body and mind and spirit have had to go make me want to scream ... You are my hero lady-face!

    I say you just take that belly to the beach, put on a bikini and wander around muttering about a shark attack ...

    Love you! xo- Cat :)

  14. OK, my Belly Twin, your stomach looks fantastic!!! My stomach, which had almost a year of recovery, look a bit distorted. But I am proud of it. I am sure you know what I mean. I am so happy that your doctor was able to confirm the success of your chemo when they took your port out. I can not tell you how happy I am right now. I think I am going to have my hubby bring back a bottle of bubbly home to celebrate. I hope you get to eat the normal stuff soon. Thinking of you,

  15. Oh, Laura, they are like your own private constellation. Wear it well, and welcome back my friend.

  16. laura...i am just so damn happy for you, belly battle scars and all - you are a light, girl.
    karon xo

  17. Laura, you're radiant as ever! I am totally and utterly amazed by you and I'm so glad to be your friend. Thank you for helping to shine a light on these dark places and thank you for bringing so many of us together. Yay!! for you my dear friend, I am celebrating for you!!

    love you,

  18. How wonderful to hear those magic words - cancer free! You've been through so much, yet your positive attitude and zest for life shine through, and you are an amazing inspiration to us all. The battle scars just serve as a reminder of what you've overcome - well done, we're so proud of you!



  19. that is amazing news, Laura!! You've been through incredible feats and have the scars to prove it (and they rock, btw!). thanks for being a beacon of bravery! *love and hugs*

  20. Laura, all what you has done is the best example how to go through hard time. I am happy for your results and believe, your way is real blessing for us. I am grateful to know you and send you all my love! Aija xoxo

  21. You just made my day!!! I can't even tell you how happy I am to hear that you are in the process of recovery. I think your stomach is still beautiful, and so is your lovely head! You are a truly gorgeous person, inside and out. Thank you so much for allowing us to follow your courageous confrontation with such an intimidating situation. I admire you more than words can tell!

  22. I love you couz, big blessings!

  23. Hugs to you. So happy to hear your prognosis and sending you good energy to keep it up!