Monday, January 11, 2010

chemo drivers and visitors!

Hi, new pics. Last week I had Drew and his friend Lauren drive me Monday, then my sister-in-law, Susan, and Aunt Bev on Tuesday and Alex on Wed. We took pics on Monday, when my friend from college came to visit me! Paige was my freshman roommate and she traveled about an hour to come sit with me for awhile. The funny thing is, that when Alex came home from college after finals, I mentioned Paige and her husband, Kevin - also from college (i fixed them up!) when bringing in the mail. Alex says to me ...."Now, how do we know them..... from hockey?" So i explained that i knew them from college and that we stayed with them when their son Scott played ice hockey against Alex when they were probably in 4th or 5th grade. So, that's probably the last time we saw them, with the exception of Christmas card pictures., i hadn't talked to Paige in about 2 years. So, Alex then says "Well, I've been looking at this kid at college..... and i think it is Scott". Sure enough, it is! Alex and Scott also go to the same college - what a small world!!!!!! That would've been real funny if they were set up as roommates!! Well, we all had a wonderful visit and Paige still looks like she did when she was in college! She is a warm, friendly, and funny person - always ready for a laugh. I wished she lived closer......... :D

Thanks for checking in, everybody. I love that you actually stop by to read my "stuff"!

laura XXOO


  1. I love the new, very sweet pix and the small world story!! Great to see you all looking so good, Laura! Sounds like a lovely visit with everyone! xoxo

  2. so good to have sneak peak at your supportive network over there Laura!! our world is a small world and it's always fun to read of these occurences. You look fabulous!

  3. Hi! Thanks for this great story and your wonderful smile!!!! xoxo

  4. My sister would look forward to me coming to stay with her during her chemo. I always would bring a bag of "tricks" to keep us busy.
    Looks like you had some great company!

  5. Hi girl - you look great! I'm so happy that you had nice visits with your friends and family during your chemo. I wish I could join you guys! Hey, is your month 8 your last chemo????? If not, when is your last cycle? I'll have a bottle of bubbly chilled and ready for a toast!


  6. Such a cool small-world story, Laura! And always great to hear your news and see your pics! So good to see you smiling, and that hat is fantastic! Thanks for the update!

  7. It's fun stopping by Laura. You are always surrounded by lovely people:-) What a great story!
    You are looking fabulous!

    Love, Iris

  8. I bet the crew there is getting used to your 'celebrity' :^D You look great!..the smiling face around you are like doses of pure sunshine.

  9. Looking sooooo good, smiling with your family and friends and enjoying this small world! And 7 down, only 1 to go!!!! xoxo

  10. So glad to hear you are doing well and in good spirits! Keep it up miss!

  11. Hi Laura,
    I was just on my etsy shop and I saw your beautiful print stream by on what was just reserved. I love old prints, and I restore book plates from Antique books. Then I saw your other shop and was curiouser and curiouser still. (must be because I am currently restoring Alice in Wonderland plates)
    Well, then I saw that you had a blog. My best friend who also has the most amazing positive attitude, just won her battle with cancer twice. I am so glad to meet you, I love your creations. I just added your blog to my followings.

    Your amazing attitude will continue to help you do well.

  12. laura-- what a great coincidence!! don't you just LOVE when things like that happen?... it's really exciting when it does..!!

    you look fabulous in yet another fabulous hat-- i'm convinced you just want to show off what a hat person you are!!

    good luck with the chemo -- you're almost at the end of the big stuff! then spring, and then hair!!

    great work eagle eye-- XOXO!!