Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Traveling Necklace for a great cause!

Check this out when you have a minute .... and you can still participate, this necklace is traveling the world! Warm Hearts Around the World Contest by Ngan from Enve Designs. She is raising money for St. Judes Hospital for children's charities and donating money for every stop the necklace makes - you can read up on her blog. The necklace just made a stop here in Dallas PA, before it heads on to Bethlehem, on to Lynn from Unaodd Here's our picture wearing the necklace. This is me, Kelly (my neice) from Sweetnessjewelry and my youngest sister Jenn, from JennReese7. You can read about us on Ngan's blog.... and ALSO on Lillyella's blog on new years resolutions - which Ngan was a guest writer for. Very cute article! Thanks Ngan, you're a wonderful person!!!

Also, check out teamepe (etsyprojectembrace) and the money they've donated to the American Cancer Society... almost $6,000 - WOW! What a great group of people i never actually met!!!! (Well, i met 2 of the team members, but the whole bunch of others I know only from the computer!!) I wish i could meet them all some day!!!!!

A HEALTHY New Year to all my friends, new and old... and my family, too! laura XXXOOO

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas card picture..... just a few days late!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I'm thinking of being a little different and sending a New Years card - since i was a little late for Christmas! We had a great Christmas here at the Slocum house and Christmas cookies seem to be allowed on my new diet.............who knew??!! LOL
Oh... my beautiful and festive hat was made by Kristen from! It was fabulous and comfortable...and very holiday, too! Thanks a whole bunch, Kristen!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What's going on?

Hi everybody! Thanks for all your well wishes, comments and prayers. So. I thought I'd give you an update. I'll try not to be boring....

1. Surgery ? No. The dr. wants to hold off till Feb. or March.

2. How did I manage not to have surgery? 10 days of ice chips at 2 different hospitals, (with an ambulance transport ride - when i totally felt fine - kinda funny.)

3. Weight Loss? yeah... like 2 pounds.... that's it for 10 days of ice chips. really.

4. Chemo? round 6 started last monday. Got out of the hospital ... JUST IN TIME - yay!

5. Weight Loss? yeah, a few pounds after i actually started eating. See, ......starvation diets don't work!

6. Low Residue Diet? That's the diet i'm now on til surgery - very low fiber - (totally how i DON'T eat. ) What happens is that i have scar tissue on my small intestines. A high fiber diet makes it kink and then nothing goes thru. You feel like you are dying. .....until you get to the hospital for pain medicine.

7. New favorite pain medicine: Delotid - more powerful than morphine! works wonders.

8. New favorite food: cheetos. most of the "good for you foods" will send me for trip 3 to the hospital.

9. information? just trying to get the word out. If anybody ever has questions- you can reach me thru my store. I'd be happy to help and answer any questions. I hope to help people get to their Dr. as soon as they possibly can if they suspect any problems.

10. Merry Christmas XXOO laura