Tuesday, August 3, 2010

update and giveaway on the Green Eyed Monster Blog :D

I'm doing just great.  I'll be having a mastecomy and reconstruction sometime in the middle of October - i don't have the date yet.  That's the latest, ...and I'm feeling wonderful and just had a great vacation.  I'd like to do another slide show to music - if i could only remember how to do that............haha
.........in the meantime- my etsy shop is featured in a very cool blog called Green Eyed Monster run by Ash and Kimmy - they are super!!  and i'm giving away a necklace - so read for details below
thanks for checking in .  Love you :D laura

GIVEAWAY NECKLACE from Creativelytangled!
this is a distressed copper heart stamped necklace with initials and a dangle bead

on an oxidized sterling 18" chain or black leather cord.

Link to giveaway: http://greeneyed.com/2010/08/creatively-tangled

Link to image: http://greeneyed.com/wp-content/wpa_custom/22-Creatively_tangled.jpg

Prize: Handstamped heart necklace

Prize value: $38.50

Ending date of the giveaway: 08/10/10


The prize is from: creativelytangled.etsy.com

*****enter this giveaway,  Leave a comment on the Green Eyed Monster blog... not here!****
I affirm that this is a handmade Etsy item!