Thursday, May 13, 2010

12 days hospital/surgery + 11 days of not eating = 8 pound weight gain......PRICELESS

HEY ALL! I missed you, thanks so much for stopping by. As many of you know i made another trip to the ememergency room at the end of April.... UGGHH! I had surgery, this time cut open, to remove 3 inches of my small intestine and remove some various scar tissue and adhesions that were deciding to dwell in my abdomen. You know i love my graphic photos........sorry and thanks for playing along... haha.
Happy to report the staples are gone and i'm doing well (and yes, lost the 8 pounds plus a little more - i was REAL hungry for most of those 11 days.. not an easy feat!) My pathology report once again came back all negative for cancer. Thank God for that one! I'm supposed to get back on track with my maintenence chemo, which i'm now behind in. I had trouble with the first dose, so i'm going to try breaking it down to 3 times a month instead of once a month and see if that helps. It's messing with my brain, and i really need every brain cell i can manage. Also, i'm in the process of trying to move my chemo closer to home, so i'm still working on that. I'll post that info when i know i'm going again.

Second 2 pictures are from Mother's Day. My older son, Drew, didn't get home - he'll be home this weekend, but Alex came home and i think... got his haircut to look just like me (no, probably not). But, i thought I definitely have to post this picture and you can decide who has more hair! (except he has no grey) Bartt wins the most hair contest... but also the most grey........... - i wonder who made him so grey...... probably me and all the fun i've been this past year......haha!

You're not going to be able to see, but i'm wearing a necklace by Peggy of and a bracelet from amy from They are both ovarian cancer colors with ribbon charms and just so cute!